A snorkeler found himself in a bit of pickle thanks to a nurse shark

A snorkeler found himself in a bit of pickle thanks to a nurse shark

The creature had latched on to the nipple of the snorkeler without the intention of letting go. Now imagine all that pain and panic?!

Still wearing his goggles, the snorkeler tried to prize the shark's jaw open
Credit: Viral Video UK

Gone are the days of taking a nice dip in the sea while exploring the beauty of nature.

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This swimmer was casually taking underwater pictures of the sharks in Florida Keys, not knowing that he would have to flee from the sea with a beast of a shark hanging from his skin.

He was helped by two onlookers, who suggested using pliers to get the shark off
Credit: Viral Video UK

In his moment of shock and being desperate to be freed from the shark's grip, the snapper ran to the nearest shop for some needed help.

Lucky for him, a curious onlooker offered to help. He said: 

In that moment, the pair decided the only way to remove the shark was with a pair of pliers. Ouch!

On days like this, the snorkeler was lucky to have met a good Samaritan to help free himself from the shark.

With so many people watching with amazement, one of the bystanders joked: 

As the two attempted to push the pliers into the animal's mouth to prize it open, the snorkeler laughed and said:

The swimmer was glad to be rid of the cheeky shark, who survived the ordeal
Credit: Viral Video UK

While the group of helpers struggled to get the shark off, one person said: "I can't get it off" to which the other man replied: "at least it's not a big one."

As the brave men wrestled to get the shark off the snorkeler's nipple, he began to wince in pain before laughing: 

After a few failed attempts, eventually the men manage to pull the shark's jaws open wide enough to free the swimmer's nipple. Luckily for the creature, it survived the whole ordeal and as soon as it was removed from the man's skin, it was returned to the water.

The man took the exhausted shark back to the water, where it quickly swam off
Credit: Viral Video UK

The man's nipple was swollen, of course, with several puncture marks that oozed with blood, but it remained in one piece. 

Lesson: Watch out for nipple biting sharks.

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