Killer Whales on attack mode, rip out Great White Sharks' liver

Killer Whales on attack mode, rip out Great White Sharks' liver

Killer Whales this season seem to have another agenda on their mind. They are killing Great White Sharks left-right, and centre and not only that but are eating their livers, according to a new report from the South African government.

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As if we are not going through an entire pandemic or struggling with mental health, now Killer Whales want to also shine. 

Scientists are assuming this could be the reason that sharks have seen a steep decline in numbers over the past few years because they are being hunted down. 

Carcasses of at least seven Great White Sharks have washed ashore in False Bay, near the coast of Cape Town, since 2017, imagine that and all the carcasses teeth marks, which scientists say came from killer whales.

Apparently the whales are tearing into the sharks and ripping out their fatty, oily livers, we guess that's their treat of the day. 

A shark carcass discovered earlier this year, believed to have been killed by orcas.
Credit: Cari Roets/Marine Dynamics/Dyer Island Conservation Trust

Great whites were once very common in the area and were one of the popular attraction for tourists. But since 2017 there's been a huge drop in the number of sightings. At first it was said this might be due to illegal hunting and climate change but to our shock, the decline can mostly be attributed to Killer Whale attacks. 

South Africa's Minister of Environmental Affairs, Barbara Creecy commissioned a report into what has been causing the drop off in shark numbers in the area, this report stated the disappearance of the sharks was 'more likely a shift in distribution, as a result of recent orca occurrence and predation, rather than being related to the fishing activity.' 

Killer Whales attacking Great White Sharks
Credit: Anthea van Zyl/Dyer Island Conservation Trust

This decline in great white sharks in the area has had a devastating impact on the shark-diving industry and has caused immense disappointment to the hundreds of tourists who visit our shores to see this great predator.

Earlier this year, Marine biologist Alison Towner, who helped perform autopsies on the washed-up carcasses, appeared on the Shark Talk YouTube where she revealed some grim details about the deaths.

Marine biologist Alison Towner explained: 

Killer Whales Are Attacking Great White Sharks And Ripping Out Their Livers
Credit: Anthea van Zyl/Dyer Island Conservation Trust

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