‘We call that a shongololo’: Locals teach Steve Irwin’s son the ‘right’ terms!

‘We call that a shongololo’: Locals teach Steve Irwin’s son the ‘right’ terms!

Wildlife expert Robert Irwin’s hilarious encounter with "most intense of the big 5” left us in stitches!

Wildlife expert Robert Irwin goes viral on TikTok with a hilarious encounter
@robertirwin / TikTok

Wildlife enthusiast Robert Irwin, son of the legendary Steve Irwin, has taken TikTok by storm with a recent video showcasing his African adventure.

This clip, which has already garnered over 115,000 views, features Irwin encountering a rather unusual creature – a millipede!

The video opens with Irwin talking about his adventures on the continent as he explains that he’s come across a creature he describes jokingly as “one of the most intense of the big five”.

South African viewers were quick to identify the creature in the comments, calling it a "Shongololo".

What truly surprised some fellow South Africans was Irwin's fearless approach. The video shows him gently picking up the Shongololo with his bare hands and attempting to get it to coil up.

Locals flooded the comments with folklore surrounding shongololos that added another layer of intrigue to the video.

One TikTok user said:
“Hai no, why are you touching the Shongololo with your hands?”

Another viewer wrote:
“My parents said if you step on a Shongololo it will send a huge rain storm.”

One person wrote:
"There is an Afrikaans saying or urban legend that if one bites you, you will laugh yourself to death.”

Whether you're fascinated by creepy-crawlies or captivated by Irwin's infectious enthusiasm, one thing's for sure – this TikTok video is a delight. Take a look:


High octane African animal rescue mission… blink and you’ll miss it. 😂

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