SEE: Woman finally changes middle-name to Disney character after 18-month battle

SEE: Woman finally changes middle-name to Disney character after 18-month battle

Any guesses as to which Disney character is her favourite?

Tinkerbelltherealgoddess Disney name change

If we had to guess, we would say that there is a pretty good chance that you have a middle name.

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It might be one you are proud of or it could be one that has caused you heaps of stress throughout your life, as you hope that nobody discovers it and subsequently torments you with it.


But a name forms a big part of one's identity whether you like to believe it or not. So many people might change their name because they feel it doesn't truly embody the person they are.

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Usually, the changes aren't too crazy, so it's just a bunch of admin before you are on your way with your new name.

One woman from Fulham, England, had to fight an 18-month battle before her name was legally changed.

Natalie Bell is 43-years-old and her middle name has finally been changed after an incredible struggle.

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The lover of 'fairies, Disney, and butterflies' had no issues legally changing her middle name from Simone in 2019 via Deed Poll, but it did however become an issue when she wanted to travel and needed her passport updated.

Natalie, who is called Tinks by all her friends and family, was determined to change her middle name and so she provided the passport office with all the necessary documents only to find out the name she wanted to have had another issue attached to it.

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The copyright holder of the name was Disney and she would have to get their permission if she wanted to use the name.

Disney had no issue giving her permission but then she was met with another obstacle. The company informed her that she would have to speak to Great Ormond Street Hospital because author J M Barrie had gifted the rights to the 'Peter Pan' novel and its characters to the children's hospital.

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She says she could always hear laughing and sniggering when she went to the offices.

Finally, she had received permission from all necessary parties but then her application was rejected and she was charged a £100 fee to 'cover the cost of administering the application'.

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After months of struggling, in March 2021, Natalie Bell received her new passport with her brand new middle name:

Tinkerbelltherealgoddess Disney name change

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That's right - her new middle name is Tinkerbelltherealgoddess!

Natalie explained that she is a very spiritual person and she wanted to change her name because of her connection to fairies - and even her kids have been totally supportive:

She even has the name tattooed on her hand:

Tinkerbelltherealgoddess Disney name change

Let this be a lesson to you to do what makes your heart happy no matter what other people might think about your goals, your dreams or your quirks!

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