See what a night in Nelson Mandela's room would look like for only R15,000!

See what a night in Nelson Mandela's room would look like for only R15,000!

Receive the presidential treatment while staying at this new boutique hotel.

Nelson Mandela Houghton Home hotel

Would we be lying if we said "we've never imagined staying in a famous person's house"? Possibly.

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Sure, you might get a little excited when you finally get a look inside one of the Kardashians' humble abodes or see what decorating style Jennifer Aniston has opted for.

We love to see how the other half live and naturally, curiosity overtakes us.

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Whether it's knowing what the interiors of a Hollywood celeb's home look like, a famous sports star or even a politician.

The White House might be a little far out of reach but we do have the next best thing, possibly THE best thing - Nelson Mandela's home.

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Whether you admire the man himself, you are a history nut or maybe you're just someone who enjoys going to five-star hotels, then this news is for you!

The late Nelson Mandela holds a special place in many South African's hearts and now you can get "closer" to him than ever before.

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His Houghton home has now been converted into a top-of-the-range boutique hotel called, Sanctuary Mandela, and the establishment is set to open its doors on the 1st of September. The concept for the hotel was born in 2007 and it has finally come to fruition.

The building boasts nine curated rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool, bar, lounge, and two conference rooms.

But the stay does not come cheap. Obviously.

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Prices for various rooms differ but the aptly named presidential suite is the most expensive and will cost you an arm and a leg.

For one night's stay in the home of the former head of state, in the room with the king-size bed, it will cost you a cool R15,000 per person.

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Want to see what this hotel looks like? Have a look below:

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Mandla Mandela, Madiba's grandson, has visited the hotel and he had only positive things to say about it. He is also very thankful that the Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) were able to preserve the memory of his grandfather and still honour him within the establishment.

The house hotel is filled with pictures of the former head of state and even includes letters that Mandela had written on those very grounds, including one he had written on the 13th of February 1990, two days after being released from prison.

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