WATCH: This is what a R1.3 MILLION restaurant bill looks like

SEE: This is what a R1.3 MILLION restaurant bill looks like

'Januworry' is not everyones problem, it seems.


If we told you that some holidaymakers spent over R1 million at a restaurant, would you believe us? We're still trying to figure out if we still believe it. 

This takes "let's go grab a few drinks" to a whole new level. 

Maybe they thought Uncle Cyril was going to ban alcohol again? #FamilyMeeting

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The bill includes some of the following high-end alcoholic beverages:

  • 50 bottles of Veuve Rich
  • 20 bottles of Dom Perignon Luminous
  • 3 bottles of Glenfiddich whiskey

At least they did manage to get some food in their bellies before the alcohol began to flow with the Mix Masala Yummy platter to start off the night's celebrations.

Tshilamulela Iven shared an image of the bill from Lifestyle Brooklyn in Pretoria.


Apart from the club owner, another person who left with a smile on their face would definitely have been the waiter, finishing the night with an R124,995 tip. Not a bad day at the office, right?

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Many social media users have raised their eyebrows, with some saying that this is money laundering at its finest.

The image has since gone viral on social media.

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As Stacey Norman would say, send some of that "cash money dollar" our way because it's the one time this month you won't hear a "declined". 


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