SA named one of the safest countries on Earth, IF World War 3 happens

SA named one of the safest countries on Earth, IF World War 3 happens

Could SA really be your best bet in the event of global conflict?

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Global tensions have risen over the last year, prompting speculation of World War III.

While it is virtually impossible to predict or plan where you’ll be, how would you feel knowing that South Africa has been named one of the safest places to live in the event of another global conflict?

Hold onto your hats, because that's exactly what happened!

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Our beautiful nation is overflowing with food sources, an abundance of fresh water, and lush land - making it one of the best places to be if World War III happens.

According to Mail Online, our country’s contemporary facilities have the potential to increase your survival likelihood should we ever become embroiled in global conflict.

Some other countries that made the list include the notably neutral Switzerland. The home of decadent chocolate boasts several nuclear shelters nestled deep in the Alps.

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Other countries included on the list of the so-called ‘safest’ places to reside if World War III ever occurs are:

  • Antarctica

  • Argentina

  • Bhutan

  • Chile

  • Fiji

  • Greenland

  • Iceland

  • Indonesia

  • New Zealand 

  • Tuvalu

Among the least safe places to reside (according to Mail Online) are:

  • Iran

  • Israel

  • North Korea

  • Russia

  • Taiwan

  • USA

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