ECR Top 5 tips for staying safe today

ECR Top 5 tips for staying safe today

Tips to ensure your safety no matter where you are in the province.

KZN safety first
KZN safety first / canva

When times of uncertainty arise, it is important to take precautions.

Stacey and J Sbu have some top tips to apply to your routine:

  • Stay sun safe 

Things are heating up in the 031 today so if you have to be outside, make sure that you slip on a cap and slap on some sunblock. 

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  • Share your location 

A hack that will ensure your safety is to share your location with a loved one, colleague or friend. Apps such as Life 360, Find my iPhone, and WhatsApp Live Location can assist with this. 


  • Safety in numbers

If you are at work, ensure that you are around fellow co-workers in the office. Many businesses across the nation have advised their workers to work from home today. In the event that you work from home, it is advised to have someone in the house with you or a neighbour nearby. 

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  • Stay up to date on your latest news 

Breaking news alert. East Coast Radio has you covered with real-time news and traffic updates to stay informed on all things KZN, South Africa, and the world! Credible and factual. Click here 

  • Stay vigilant 

In this current climate is is important to prepare for anything. 

Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest at East Coast Radio. 


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