SA girl fools people into thinking she is American

SA girl fools people into thinking she is American

Sometimes these TikTokers are so believable that we cannot read their sarcasm.

Young girl photoshopped herself into a pic with Elon Musk
Young girl photoshopped herself into a pic with Elon Musk/TikTok Screenshot/@migrainecauser444

After some American TikTokers shared their close-minded views about South Africa on TikTok, it is safe to say we all were in our feelings about it.

Their views of us enraged us and made us feel like we had no control over our narrative as a nation. 

It is for this very reason that this young lady from Johannesburg managed to ruffle some South Africans' feathers on TikTok. 

Nikita, a teenager from Johannesburg, shares content that is photoshopped and intriguing in nature. Her use of humour coupled with sarcasm is not always received well, but then again that's the way the TikTok cookie crumbles at times. 

She recently posted a video saying that Elon Musk is her father and she acted like she was American. Nikita played on the close-mindedness of those Americans from months ago. 

Check out her first video that caught people's attention, courtesy of TikTok

@migrainecauser444 Replying to @🌟✝️ this is crazy y’all come on let’s do better 😂💀 #elonmusk #american #migrainecauser444 ♬ original sound - nikita🐒


The above video rubbed many South African TikTokers up the wrong way and they responded to her. 

Out of all the comments, some recognised her humour, but others failed to see her shade against those small-minded Americans. 

Here's a video of her talking in her natural accent, there's no way she's putting this one on. Courtesy of TikTok

@migrainecauser444 wow guys i’ve actually been posting a lot recently wowww 😭💦💦 #vlog #dayinmylife #SAMA28 #migrainecauser444 ♬ original sound - nikita🐒
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