5 of the most emotional moments on #StaceyAndJSbu

5 of the most emotional moments on #StaceyAndJSbu

We've rounded up #StaceyAndJSbusBestBits from the past week just for you! So sit back, relax, and take a listen...

5 most emotional moments of Stacey and J Sbu this week

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This week we had some of the deepest, most emotional moments we've ever had on the show.

One of the toughest parts, if not the toughest part, was #TheFixer.

Thabo, a friend of the show, recently wrote to Stacey and J Sbu about the struggles he has been facing with his brother, who is addicted to a drug called Whoonga.

His relationship with his brother is almost non-existent, it has also caused his relationship with his mother to deteriorate.

Take a listen as Thabo explains his current family situation and why he wants to offer his brother an ultimatum:

We were taken aback by the absolute outpouring of love and support Thabo and his brother received from KZN.

Some of the messages even came from former drugs addicts.

Nicki* is a former heroin addict and she spoke to Stacey and J Sbu about her drug addiction:

*name has been changed

They also heard from a fellow Whoonga addict who opened up about how his addiction cost him everything, and almost cost him his life:

And finally, the most heartbreaking message they had received was from a mother who is also dealing with a son currently battling drug addiction:

And finally, as part of the #Unshaken podcast series, Stacey and her fellow ECR ladies discussed body positivity and body shaming.

Stacey also shared with J Sbu how she has been made to feel less than from a very, VERY young age:

Listen to the full #Unshaken podcast on the topic here:

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