Polyandry: SA wants to legalise women having multiple husbands

Polyandry: SA wants to legalise women having multiple husbands

Polygyny, which allows a man to marry more than one woman at the same time, is the only form of polygamy that is currently legal in South Africa.


An expert opinion:

A proposal by the Department of Home Affairs has recently sparked major debate and even creating a rift in parliament between DA MP Natasha Mazzone and Al Jama-ah party leader Ganief Hendricks.

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The new green paper for the Marriage Act was issued that not only creates legislation that would legally recognise Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Rastafarian marriages, but will also legalise polyandry.

They have published this 67-page policy document in the hopes that South African law will finally give recognition to these marriages, seeing as the current laws are discriminatory and this new legislation will create equality.

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While consulting with many stakeholders and activists, it was also made clear that for true equality to be reached, polyandry will have to be legalised as well.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of polygamy is: marriage in which a spouse of either sex may have more than one mate at the same time.

The only form of legal polygamy in South Africa at this point in time is polygyny, which favours men, but there have been no attempts to try and create the equivalent opportunity for women.

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The department maintained that although these proposals would rub some people the wrong way, they are standing firm in their belief that these changes should be made.

Even parliament saw a heated debate when Al Jama-ah party leader Ganief Hendricks made some comments about polyandry that got DA MP Natasha Mazzone fired up!

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Hendricks had mention that he thought he is "very concerned" about this arrangement the proposal is suggesting and highlighted the confusion that could come into play should a woman have children with more than one husband, which would also most likely involve DNA testing.

Mazzone in turn did not mince her word's as she fired back:

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Hendricks also spoke to SAFM and once again stood by his views:

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The public has been given until the end of June to make their opinions and comments heard.

And we want to hear yours: do you think polyandry should be legalised in South Africa?

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