OPINION: When is the right time to put up your Christmas Tree?

OPINION: When is the right time to put up your Christmas Tree?

It seems everyone has their own opinion on when the right time is, but that's what we love about the festive season, everyone shares their own traditions...

Woman decorating Christmas Tree
Woman decorating Christmas Tree/Pexels/@Gustavo Fring

It feels like every year the time frame for decorations gets earlier. 

We have to admit when the malls or shopping centres decorate for seasonal occasions, that is our cue or reminder to be prepared for the upcoming celebration. 

But as we approach the festive season with just 35 days to go until Christmas, Stacey and J Sbu ask KZN when the appropriate time to put up your Christmas Tree is...

Of course, the excitement starts building as soon as we see the decorations and hear the merry music. 

But is there some accepted etiquette when it comes to putting up your tree too early? 

We found some interesting input on the topic on Reddit that we wanted to share, considering it provides some overall context from people in other countries. 

Apparently, in the United Kingdom, it is considered bad luck to have any decorations up after 12th night, so many people take down their decorations then. 

"However, it wasn't always so. Before the Victorians, decorations stayed up until Candlemas (2nd February). They may have shortened the Christmas period but the Victorians did give us Christmas trees, so no hard feelings." (Reddit)

Many people shared that they usually put their trees up during the first week of December and take them down during the first week of January. 

Just like us, many people felt putting the decorations up early was a lovely way to enjoy the feeling that comes with Christmas. But due to the Reddit community being predominantly international, many of them said they wouldn't put their trees up early because they use fresh trees and the tree would dry up if they put it up too early. 


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