Interested in getting paid R45k to watch Christmas movies?

Interested in getting paid R45k to watch Christmas movies?

If you're a Christmas movie buff, then this sounds like a piece of Christmas cake...

A couple watching a movie displayed on a wall from a projector
A couple watching a movie displayed on a wall from a projector/Pexels/@Игорь Лушницкий

Who doesn't love a good Christmas movie over the festive season? 

We certainly love to get cosy with a cup of hot chocolate, some popcorn, and a good movie during the holidays. 

But can you imagine if you could do this and get paid for it? Sounds like a dream job, if you ask us. 

CableTV has the most appealing offer for those wanting some holiday cha-ching...

Sadly, this position is only for residents of the US, but it is certainly a great way to feed the idea to our local TV companies...

Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. 

"CableTV is recruiting one lucky candidate to sit back, relax and watch 25 flicks over a 25-day period." (LadBible)

"In return, the company will pay you £2,000 ($2,500) and will sign you up for seven of the top streaming services so that you can access all of the seasonal films." (LadBible)

Just for your information, in Rands, that totals R45,385. 

But don't think that it's that easy, you still have to tick the boxes when it comes to your responsibilities. 

"If you get inducted as our next Chief of Cheer, we’ll be counting on you to watch 25 holiday movies within 25 days. It’s a difficult responsibility to accept an appointment from CableTV (.com)—you’ll have to keep track of each movie you watch and rank it in three categories:

  • Nostalgia
  • Heartwarming storytelling
  • Holiday cheer" (CableTV)

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There's more, you also have to rank each of the seven streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Max, Apple TV+, and Hallmark Movies Now) for three factors: 

  • Is the streaming service easy to use?
  • Did you have any problems using the streaming service, such as poor video quality or error codes?
  • Does the service have a good selection of holiday films? (CableTV)

The responsibilities aren't that difficult and now, all we want for Christmas is to get paid to watch Christmas movies in South Africa, please...

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