OPINION: Is it cheaper to buy food than cooking a meal?

OPINION: Is it cheaper to buy food than cooking a meal?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many people who believe the ease and convenience of takeout outweighs the cost factor...

People eating food from a takeout box
People eating food from a takeout box/Pexels/@RDNE Stock project

It can be said that with the rising cost of food, we would expect a decline in the takeout food industry. 

But that is not the case. Many people opt for takeout food because in some cases, the ease and convenience outweigh the cost factor. 

Of course, that is completely subjective and has a lot to do with the type of food you enjoy. 

Stacey and J Sbu decided to tackle this very interesting topic today and ask KZN for their opinion when it comes to buying takeout versus a home-cooked meal... and the unpopular opinion that it is cheaper to buy food. 


While on the topic, we also found a person who publicly admitted that they have an addiction to takeout food. 

Read what they posted below: 

"Has anyone on here with a takeout addiction been able to get over it? I am eating away at my savings (literally) and have gained more than 70lbs since I began ordering takeout regularly. Sometimes I order food twice in a day, making my spending as much as 50 dollars in a day. On one or two meals. I cant afford to do this anymore, not that I ever could. I am living with my folks until I can pay off their parent plus loans, and I am not getting nearly as many hours as I used to at my job (before I was getting between 45 and 70 hrs a week, and now I am only getting anywhere from 35 to as few as 15 hrs a week). I cant keep this up. Im almost out of money despite my job. I wont be able to afford the `1200 a month I am paying to the loans (I have a couple of other expenses as well)." (Reddit)

This is quite different from our unpopular opinion, but it is definitely something that many people can get stuck in. A habit of buying takeout can be hard on your bank balance and your health. 

Even though there are many food outlets these days that cater for a healthier way of preparing food, the cost is still a real factor. 

People came in the comments section advising the Redditor to seek assistance from a nutritionist or dietician.

A person also said that they also had a flair for takeout at one point, but then they found out something that made them change...

"A big thing that got me to quit getting takeout unless it’s an emergency is hearing stories from people who worked at those places and how gross they are, as well as looking at the nutrition information straight up and seeing how terrible it was for my body." (Reddit)


You will be surprised to know that many people enjoy a home-cooked meal over takeout. Or so, that's what we've noticed. 

It is great to treat yourself now and then, but somehow the appeal of home cooking always outweighs takeout. 

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