Would you like a side of frog with your spinach?

Would you like a side of frog with your spinach?

Don't ever trust the packet when it says 'pre-washed', rather be safe in case there are any surprises inside...

A pasta salad with a frog inside
A pasta salad with a frog inside/TikTok Screenshot/@simonebaker

We are all about ease and convenience these days - and why not?

With the list of things to do in a day always increasing, we need to find a healthy way of cutting corners.

Buying packaged veg is one great way of cutting corners without actually cutting corners on your health. 

For instance, packaged spinach is a great way to add your greens to a dish without the hassle of having to wash them. 

But this woman reminded us that we cannot always trust that the spinach or any of the packed veggies are washed, even if the packet says so. 

Simone Baker shared a video that got some South Africans' feathers ruffled because she mentioned Woolworths in the post...

In case you're stressing, relax, she was referring to Woolworths in Australia. 

Check out what happened below, courtesy of TikTok:

@simonebaker Woolies the fresh food people, quite literally a fresh frog in my spinach. Cant get much fresher than that 😮‍💨🤢#greenscreenvideo #freshfood #woolworths #woolies #gross @Woolworths_au @Woolworths Australia ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

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Simone admitted that she didn't check the spinach before adding it to her pasta. 

She went on to share that the Woolworths store asked her if the foreign body had any missing limbs...

"Phhheeewww Woolworths Australia!! 🤧🤧 Had me worried there for a sec!! 🇿🇦 @Woolworths SA you must never my skat!!" 

People were actually quite light-hearted about her finding the frog and many asked her for the recipe... without the frog, of course. 

The question is, do you still wash pre-washed packed goods you purchase from the store?

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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