One tick, two tick, blue tick: accept WhatsApp's new privacy policy or else

One tick, two tick, blue tick: Accept WhatsApp's new privacy policy or else

WhatsApp has caused a lot of drama with its new privacy policy, but this might be the biggest catch yet.

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It wasn't long ago that WhatsApp sent the world into a frenzy when they announced their new privacy policy.

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Big tech billionaires like our very own Elon Musk even weighed in and told his followers to leave WhatsApp and move to the messaging app Signal. The app had a 4,200% increase in downloads.

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Another new favourite was Telegram and soon everybody was announcing that they would be switching to one of these.

Now a few months have passed and every paranoid or wary person seems to have forgotten to completely switch over and have remained pretty loyal to WhatsApp.

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Now WhatsApp has revealed another twist courtesy of their new policy.

If you refuse to accept its latest policy you will eventually be unable to receive any messages or calls.

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The app will gradually prevent more and more messages from reaching you and the same will happen with any phone calls.

In a company blog on their website, WhatsApp has written that if users do not agree to the new terms, they will begin to lose access to their chat lists after several weeks. This means that you will only be able to open conversations and reply to messages that have been sent to you first and by clicking on the chat notification.

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Timing will vary from user to user but eventually, after a few weeks, they will no longer receive any calls or notifications.

The new policy is set to come into force on the 15th of May, but functionality will not instantly be limited and WhatsApp will not be deleting any accounts of those who do not accept the terms of the agreement.

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But users will be receiving constant reminders that they have to accept the new terms.

Ultimately, there could be a lot of this in our futures:

After this weekend, you'll either be the one who always has to text first or you might be waving goodbye to WhatsApp altogether.

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