New Meme Alert! Who doesn't love a bit of Bernie Sanders?

New Meme Alert! Who doesn't love a bit of Bernie Sanders?

The internet just cannot get enough of its new meme subject, this after a picture of a former presidential candidate from the Inauguration of Joe Biden went viral. 

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a man who is known for a lot of things, mainly that he is a man who speaks his mind freely and fiercely. 

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However, Sanders is making headlines this week for non-political reasons... well, that is if you factor out where the picture of him that has become a sensational meme came from. 

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Sanders sparked a social media frenzy thanks to his choice of attire at the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris. Whilst Hollywood A-listers as well as the political elite, including Barack and Michelle Obama, attended the prestigious event in their very best designer wear, Bernie decided to opt for comfort. 

Sporting what looks like a raincoat-meets-jacket and knitted gloves, the Vermont Senator found himself at the center of a meme movement, with social media users placing the photo of Sanders in the audience at a variety of different settings. 

From sitting on a park bench with Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump to joining Jean-Luc Picard and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' on the bridge of the Enterprise, Bernie's meme has travelled quiet the journey. 

Many celebrities and social media users have decided to get in on the fun. Have a look at some of the best memes curated: 

Stacey and J Sbu wanted to join in on the fun! 

Do you think they nailed it? 

Stacey and J Sbu take on Bernie Sanders

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