"My mother-in-law keeps making nasty comments on the way I dress and I have had enough!"

"My mother-in-law keeps making nasty comments on the way I dress and I have had enough!"

Unsolicited comments are the worst, especially when they are from family. 

Mother in law hates the way I dress

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships are notorious for being either good or really bad. With this week's edition of #TheFixer, the latter seems to be true. 

#TheFixer is a feature on Stacey and J Sbu's show in which the duo gives KZN listeners an opportunity to share their dilemmas that they seek advice on. Together with the help of fellow KZN listeners, Stacey and J Sbu try to help the concerned party fix their problem. 

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This week, the team hears from Xolile, who is a frustrated bride who is fed up with the 'nasty' comments that her mother-in-law continuously makes about her choice of clothing. 

According to Xolilie, her mother-in-law finds her dress code to be incredibly inappropriate and not a way that a woman who is married should present herself. 


Xolile's husband seems to not have a problem with the way she dresses and in Xolile's opinion, his opinion is the only one that matters.

Listen to Xolile's full story in her own words in the podcast below: 

What are your thoughts on this situation? 

Stacey and J Sbu solicited the views of KZN listeners and they were not shy! Facebook user, Seema, provided this insight: "I don't think the mother in law has bad intentions. Maybe she wants to protect your reputation by people not picking on you or gossip going around about your dressing. There is always a reason. If it was your mum, she would also have her reason for giving you advise. Us women must remember, the man we married, another woman made him who he is and that is our mother in law. The least we can do , is make a few changes to make her happy."

Whilst Facebook user Ivy shared a completely different view: "Your husband needs to stand up to his mother and take your part.. No matter what you do she will always have an issue with you.. She is petty. And she won't change in s hurry.. So live your life, make your hubby happy, grow broad shoulders always be kind to her."

Unsolicited comments are the worst especially when they are from family. What is your advice for anonymous?

Posted by East Coast Radio on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

KZN weighed in on the situation this evening offering Xolile some advise, listen to the podcast below: 

Main image supplied by Xolile. 

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