Conflict between KZN man and wife over beneficiary policy

Conflict with KZN man, mother in law and sibling over beneficiary policy

When it comes to your beneficary policies who do you prioritise; your spouse or family?

The Fixer

For Yugeshran, a KZN man, his mother and his sister are prioritised above his wife when it comes to the divided shares of his earnings. 

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This week, the team heard from Yugeshran, whose latest update to one of his beneficiary policies is causing conflict between him and his wife. 

Listen to his story in his own words in the podcast below: 

Yugeshran's wife was upset when she found out that her husband had decided to prioritise his mother and sister over him and their family. According to her, Yugeshran should have them in his policy but his immediate family should be looked after first. 

The two are now at loggerheads as Yugeshran believes it is his decision whom he allocates what to in his policy, as he works hard for his money and it is not like he has left out his wife and kids completely of his policy. 

KZN had varying views on this matter, listen to the impassionate views in the podcast below: 

Do you think Yugeshran should have prioritised his wife or at the very least do you think he should have had the conversation with his wife first? 

Comment below with your opinion and advice for Yugeshran. 

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