"My in-laws have been undermining my parenting and I really don't appreciate it" - KZN listener

"My in-laws have been undermining my parenting and I really don't appreciate it" - KZN listener

Today’s #TheFixer is really triggering because like Sandra, every parent is very protective of their child and always wants the best for them.

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The Fixer, which we do every Wednesday, is all about real-life stories and you, KZN, are needed to help us navigate the scenarios and problems presented to us.

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Sandra is in a predicament with regards to her in-laws and them respecting the way she chooses to raise her seven-month-old child. They feel that they know better since their son turned out okay and she's not against that, but she would like to be the one to make decisions when it comes to her own child.

She is a new mom, and since the pandemic, her child has been looked after by her in-laws, which has been of great assistance, but now she feels they are over stepping, especially because she has spoken to them about the thing she doesn't like them doing when it comes to her child.  

Read her story below: 

As a wife, you look to your partner for help and Sandra feels he is not taking this as seriously as he should. It's always a tricky situation when it comes to feeling like you have to make your partner choose between you and his family, but from the looks of things, this might end up being that situation. 

Listen to Sandra share her story in her own words below:

Should her husband be more supportive and present a united front? 

KZN, do you have any advice for Sandra? Have you yourself been in a situation where you find yourself in a sticky situation with your in-laws and you felt your partner wasn't being supportive? 

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