Mom shows her teen how she used to iron hair back in the day

Mom shows her teen how she used to iron hair back in the day

Not her daughter saying, "Who irons their hair with a clothes iron?"

A teenager looking displeased with part of hair ironed
A teenager looking displeased with part of hair ironed/TikTok Screenshot/@morgantasneem

As we progress into an era that provides a tool or accessory for almost everything, we can firmly say that what used to work has slowly faded away. 

But just like this mom, we feel it is of utter importance to keep the next-gen informed about what used to work. 

Mom, Tasneem Morgan, decided that she needed to show her daughter how many women used to iron their hair back in the day. 

Of course, what used to work isn't quite acceptable nowadays. Besides the danger factor, we're not certain whether the long-term effects of using a clothes iron on our hair were positive. 

Mom ironed a section of her daughter's hair with the clothes iron. 

While her younger daughter asked if she could also do her hair with the clothes iron, mom said no, because this would ruin her curls. 

Watch what happens after mom irons her teenager's hair. Safe to say that she was happy...

Courtesy of TikTok

@morgantasneem #coloured #coulouredpeople ♬ original sound - Tasneem Morgan


Interestingly enough, the video brought a whole community of women together and it was a positively amazing flashback for many. 

Some women even revealed that they still use this method because it gives that extra shine...

Did you use a clothes iron to straighten your hair?

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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