Marshmallow mania! Kids showered in sweetness from the sky

Marshmallow mania! Kids showered in sweetness from the sky

The Great Marshmallow Drop of 2024 had us wishing something would fall from the sky.

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It was a marshmallow monsoon at Catalpa Oaks County Park in Southfield. Thousands of puffy sweet treats rained down from the sky and hundreds of kids turned into marshmallow hunters in a sugary scramble.

This epic event, the Great Marshmallow Drop, saw a helicopter soaring overhead, overflowing with a fluffy white treasure trove. As the chopper approached, cheers erupted from the crowd of excited kids. 

Then, with a mighty whoosh, the marshmallows blanketed the ground in a cloud of pure delight.

According to AP News, each marshmallow was a ticket to a prize bonanza. Sweets, colouring books, and even a water park pass awaited the marshmallow masters who collected the most.

Melissa Nawrocki, the mastermind behind this sugary spectacle, promised a mountain of marshmallows – a whopping 15,000 to be exact.

The helicopter made four sugary passes, showering marshmallows on different age groups, making sure every kid got a chance to snag a piece of the fluffy fun. It was a day filled with laughter, cheers, and a whole lot of marshmallow mania.

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