Long or short - Does the length of a voice note really matter?

Long or short - Does the length of a voice note really matter?

What would you say should be the limit to how long a voice note is? Well, J Sbu received a voice note from Stacey that is 16 minutes and 44 seconds long and he is not having it! 

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When it comes to forms of communication in terms of WhatsApp, you are either a texter or a person who prefers to send voice notes. Stacey Norman subscribes to the latter. 

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On Tuesday evening, Stacey sent her co-host J Sbu a voice note - something which she does regularly. The two are constantly communicating about their show. However, J Sbu was left stunned when Stacey shared with him a voice note that is 16 minutes and 44 seconds long! 

Do not believe us? have a look for yourself below: 

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J Sbu is convinced this has to be a record of some sort and was keen to know from KZN what the longest voice note they have ever received is. 

Before that were to happen though, Stacey wanted to know from her co-host if he had actually listened to her voice note...

J Sbu admitted to only listening to the first 30 seconds...

Read what KZN had to say:

This might be some record of sorts...no? a 16 minute voice note 😲 J Sbu was left shook when Stacey sent him one...

Posted by East Coast Drive on Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Listen to the podcast to hear how much of the voice J Sbu really listened to and to what KZN had to say about the length of the voice note: 

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