Little boy sleeps on bride's dress while she dances

Little boy sleeps on bride's dress while she dances

How refreshing to see a bride with a good sense of humour...

Little boy lies on top of bride's dress at wedding
Little boy lies on top of bride's dress at wedding/TikTok Screenshot/@leonelmani777

Brides as a collective have not been given a good name in the past. 

Many are depicted as controlling and demanding as the days before their big day draw closer. 

But we would be amiss if we followed what the crowd believed. Just to be clear, we do not think that all brides should be painted with the same brush.


A bride who supports our line of thinking was videoed dancing to the beats at her wedding and discovered something was on her dress. 

Of course, just as there are judgments about brides, many believe that kids should not be included in events such as weddings. 

Looking back at the train of her dress, she realised that a toddler was relaxing on it. 

Take a look at how she responded to seeing the little guy hanging around. Courtesy of TikTok


♬ som original - Marcio brilhante


We were quite entertained by some of the comments. Our favourite was the humour displayed by one lady who said: "This gown is stronger than my relationship 😩😩😩😂" 

Then there were people who believed this to be a good omen for the bride. They wished her well in her marriage and said she would be bountiful with babies. 

Most importantly, people commended her for being so lighthearted over the whole thing. She could've been irate at the fact that the child was on her dress, but she laughed about it. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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