LISTEN: Here's why the new 'Titanic' trailer is sinking the competition!

LISTEN: Here's why the new 'Titanic' trailer is sinking the competition!

Time to break the ice(berg)...

New Titanic, 25 anniversary trailer
New Titanic, 25 anniversary trailer / Twitter

Have you heard?

A remastered version of the timeless classic, 'Titanic', will be re-released in cinemas across the world, including South Africa, to celebrate the movie's 25th anniversary.

Since the first movie was one of the highest-grossing films of all time, it's a no-brainer that this movie is bound to be a hit.

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Stacey Norman shares the scoop on what the masses think about this remastered edition. Listen below: 

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The film's director, James Cameron, announced the release date on his Instagram page. 

"Some stories are timeless. In celebration of the 25th anniversary, please join us in experiencing Titanic in remastered 4K 3D. Opening February 10th in theaters," the Oscar winner wrote. 

'Titanic', which was released in 1997, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and British actress Kate Winslet. Their tragic love story captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. 

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In other news, here is a snippet of a conspiracy theorist who claimed that they Titanic never sunk:

We all know and remember the famous story of the Titanic through James Cameron's movie. 

But there are many, many other details that were perhaps not as translucently depicted in the movie. 

And rightfully so, considering we were all about the selling of the love story. 

But one TikToker has gone rogue and claims that the ship that sank all those years ago was not in fact the RMS Titanic, but rather the Olympic ship.

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