Liar Liar! How far would you go to protect a lie?

Liar Liar! How far would you go to protect a lie?

In light of the 'bogus doctor' Matthew Lani's arrest, we asked KZN about lies they fell victim to and how far the lie went before they found out the truth. 

J Sbu, Stacey and Nick doing three wise monkeys
J Sbu, Stacey and Nick doing three wise monkeys/Supplied

In light of the arrest of alleged bogus doctor Matthew Lani, we are talking all things lies today. 

And as much as many of us might deny being a victim of a longstanding and elaborate lie, the truth is that at some point in all our lives we have been lied to. 

Whether that was in the form of a white lie or a very deep-seated detailed lie, a lie is a lie. 

Stacey and J Sbu have asked KZN a very sensitive question this afternoon. 

"What are the biggest lies you've been told and how far did the person go to make it seem real?" 

If you have ever been scammed by a lover, friend or stranger, this might not sit well with you. 

And the reality is that sometimes we are sensitive about it because we are upset with ourselves for being duped and not knowing better.

The thing is that some people are really good at spinning a lie, so well in fact that it looks like the truth. 


On that note, one person who has really been spinning up the lies to a professional standard is the alleged bogus doctor, Matthew Lani. 

"‘Dr Matthew Lani’ trended on social media after the University of Witwatersrand stated that Lani never obtained any medical qualifications from its institution. The Department of Education later confirmed that Lani never obtained his Grade 12 certificate." (IOL)

Just moments before his arrest at the Helen Joseph Hospital, he posted a live on TikTok because he was trying to prove to his followers that he is an actual doctor. 

Watch the live video below, courtesy of X


After the security apprehended Lani at the hospital, he conveniently asked to use the bathroom and tried to escape. 

And then how the script flipped so quickly: He was caught!

Watch the short snippet below of the security guards apprehending him. 

Courtesy of X

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