Kiddies Hotline: "If I was an animal, I would be..."

Kiddies Hotline: "If I was an animal, I would be..."

This is the animal to be...

Kiddies hotline: "If I was an animal, I would be..."
Kiddies hotline: "If I was an animal, I would be..."/ canva

We all have a favourite animal or an animal that we wish we could be. As we get older, we take this same sentiment and call it a spirit animal. 

However, we are asking the little ones of KZN about their go-to animal and what their reasoning is. 

Stacey and J Sbu investigate below on the Kiddies Hotline. Have a listen: 


Read more about KZN kids' favourite meal:

Everyone has that one mouthwatering childhood dish that, no matter how hard you try as an adult, you can never truly replicate. 

We are taking it back to our roots and checking in with the kids of KZN on their favourite dish. 

Share yours in the facebook post below: 

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The rise in popularity of air-fryers allows us to make our fave kiddies dishes in a matter of minutes. 

Stacey Norman is a die-hard fan of fried onions with sugar.

"Every Friday we would have either have burger or hotdog night, but my favourite part is when my mom would grill onion. I was obsessed with it and still am 'til this day." 

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Read more on how KZN kids are reacting to heated temperatures:

The series of heatwaves in KZN have made life in the province... uhhhmmm... a little spicy. It's left people with little choice but to take drastic measures to stay cool. 

The heat has also driven youngsters to have their say on social media. 

One youngster in particular caught our attention. 

Watch this sweet little girl in Mzansi cry out for attention on TikTok: 

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@justicemunyai968 #summer #summer2020#xhosa I enjoy watching this little sweet girl #viralvideo ♬ original sound - justicemunyai968

As seen in the video above, the young girl talks about the sweltering heat in the country. She says that the heat was making her feel like she was being boiled or burned with fire. This had Mzansi in stitches!

"Get this girl a swimming pool," recommended one user. 

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The little girl's sense of humour also reminded us of the viral "hot like a heater' meme. Can you relate?

Stay tuned on your latest weather updates here

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Here are some simple ways that you can prevent the harmful rays emitted by the sun that cause various health threats:

  • Slip on clothing
  • Slop on sunscreen
  • Slap on a hat
  • Have sufficient shade
  • Drink plenty water

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