Justice For Nathaniel Julius!

Justice For Nathaniel Julius!

Stacey and JSbu shared their thoughts on Monday about the "Justice For Nathaniel Julius" matter. They also went a little deeper and spoke about the effects and views of the public when it comes to Down Syndrome. 

Nathaniel Julius
Strike for Nathaniel Julius

On Wednesday last week, Nathaniel did something he had done hundreds of times before. After eating dinner, he walked out of his family’s Eldorado Park home and stood at the gate with a packet of biscuits. He would not return.

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Stacey and JSbu thought they would have a conversation on the show with regards to Down Syndrome; what it is and why this is important in reference to Nathaniel.

According to Down Syndrome South Africa, it is described as "the most common and naturally occurring chromosomal genetic condition and is the largest single cause of intellectual disabilities". It occurs when an individual has a full or partial chromosome. 

It is this added chromosome which alters the cause of development both physically and intellectually, which affects a lot of things like speech delays. 

Stacey and JSbu wanted to help educate themselves and KZN on Down Syndrome.

We had the chance to chat with Jess Rodgers, who is the mom of Luke - a young boy with Down Syndrome.

Jess provided us with some insights into raising a child with Down Syndrome and the challenges that ensue, including the public reaction to a child with the condition.

Listen to the podcast to hear what Jess had to say: 

To find out more about the various celebrations and awareness projects in and around KZN concerning Down Syndrome, or if you'd like more information, please contact Angie Govindsami on 031 464 2055, or email [email protected].

Alternatively, you can visit the Down Syndrome South Africa website by clicking here.

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