J Sbu's son has been put in 'time out' by his grandmother!

J Sbu's son has been put in 'time out' by his grandmother!

As a child, can you remember being told: "Don't touch that!" or "You can look but do not touch!"...

porcelain ornaments

It seems every single generation grew up with these words being uttered in their parents or grandparents' homes. In fact, if you are a parent yourself, you hear yourself saying it to your child too, right? 

J Sbu, who is a father of a four-year-old young boy named Zanda, shares that he often has deja vu of such moments when his energetic son is running around in his apartment. 

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Most of the things our parents told us not to touch was for our own safety; things like sharp objects or appliances that could burn or hurt us. However, there were also the no-go objects in the house that we were forbidden to even come close to. 

Zanda will be starting big boy pre-school next month and has been staying at his grandmother's house. Unfortunately, this past weekend he got into big trouble with his gran after he did the unthinkable. 

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What did Zanda do? 

Zanda knocked over his grandmother's precious porcelain animal dolls and they all broke. Now, if you know anything about most South African grandmothers, it is that they love their porcelain anything! 

J Sbu's mother immediately called him to tell him what Zanda had done. Baby Zanda has been very apologetic to his gogo and dad about his mistake and apart from gogo being a little sad about her procelin dolls that she has had for over 20 years, everything is okay in the Nxuamlo household. 

This incident had J Sbu thinking back to his childhood and the stuff that he was not allowed to touch, and decided to put it out to KZN. 

What was the one thing in your parents' house that you were forbidden from touching? 

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