"He can make his own money"- Jackie Chan on why his son won't get a cent of his $370 Million fortune

"He can make his own money"- Jackie Chan on why his son won't get a cent of his $370 Million fortune

We were today years old when we found out that the legendary Jackie Chan who has amassed a good fortune for himself will not be sharing it with his one and only off spring. 

Jackie Chan

We all have experienced tough love from our parents at one stage of our lives, right? 

You would think that being the only child of a very successful actor would have its perks, the chance to travel across the globe, meeting interesting people and yes, being set up for life regardless of what you decide to do with your career. 

Well, think again. 

Movie star Jackie Chan is teaching his now 38-year-old son a life lesson by not leaving him a cent of his  $370 million fortune. Opting to donate all of it to charity should he pass away. 

Yes, fam, not a single dime left for his son. 

Reports say that Chan believes “if he (his son) is capable, he can make his own money. And if he is not, he will just be wasting mine.”

However, some context is needed for this; however, Jaycee has had a very rocky relationship with his dad since 2015. It was reported that Chinese authorities busted him for drug use. 

As a result, Jaycee spent six months in prison for the crime. It did not help that his actions were amplified in the media as his dad, Jackie Chan, was an anti-drug ambassador. 

At the time, Jackie was quoted as saying that he was “very angry and ashamed” of his son; which would explain why such a drastic step was taken by Chan to not leave his son his wealth as an inheritance. 

Social media seems to be divided on the news, Chris Lee shared: "Jackie you are so wrong, I don't know why you made such decisions but I believe you should have done something for your child at least, maybe you failed as a father to nurture him to multiply the wealth you already have". 

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