It's not Christmas without WHAT on the table?

It's not Christmas without WHAT on the table?

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, but what's that one thing that you have to have that makes Christmas complete?

A family giving thanks before Christmas dinner
A family giving thanks before Christmas dinner/Pexels/@Nicole Michalou

We all know that Christmas is that time of year when families get together and it is a time to give and to share. 

But mostly, it is a time to be thankful and remember all that we have. 

However, it is also not Christmas without certain things. Every family has their special something that happens during this time of year. Something they look forward to and something that they have to have on their Christmas table otherwise it won't be Christmas. 

We know that Christmas brings about a special feeling in many of us, but we are identifying what physical item is a must for your Christmas table...

Our Facebook family came to the party and shared some interesting answers with us. 

Noreen Huebsch: "The Christmas crackers, is a must on the table" 

Teneil Vertuin: "A nice well cooked gammon" 

Paru Kumar: "Leg of lamb, Garlic bread and peppermint tart." 

Nhlaka Maluane: "T'was mayonnaise when I grew up" 


In true spirit, people took the opportunity to remind us that it's not what's on the table, but who is around the table that matters most.

Here, here...

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