December Survival Guide: What is fashionably late?

December Survival Guide: What is fashionably late?

There's a key difference between being fashionably late and, well, late...

Woman pointing to her watch on Christmas eve
Woman pointing to her watch on Christmas eve/iStock/@nicoletaionescu

Stacey and J Sbu are talking about surviving December and today they tackle a very important question. 

Far too often we plan and prepare for the festivities only for something or the other to not go quite as planned. This is why we prefer to take things as they come. 

But what happens when you have invited friends and family over for the holidays and then they arrive late?

Do you find that infuriating? Or are you easygoing and don't mind what time people arrive, as long as they have informed you beforehand?

Either way, today the team are chatting about being fashionably late. 

"The phrase "fashionably late" refers to the social practice of deliberately showing up a bit later than the scheduled time to a gathering or event. It implies the conscious decision to delay arrival, often viewed as a way to make a grander entrance or maintain an air of importance." (US Dictionary)


In other words, being fashionably late means deliberately arriving late to add some dramatic effect. 

We have to say that's just disrespectful to the host, but some might think differently. 

Perhaps we should be looking at this differently. For instance, some don't know how to manage their time well and sometimes when it comes to families, there are always unforeseen circumstances when you have kids. 


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