Here's the dark truth behind the AI art trend online

Here's the dark truth behind the AI art trend online

The masses have raised concern over the latest use of artificial intelligence. 

Here's the dark truth behind the AI art trend online
Here's the dark truth behind the AI art trend online/ Canva composite

In case you missed it, our Instagram feeds have been swarmed with artsy illustrations, characters, and animations of late.

What's been going on is that artificial intelligence systems have been creating digital portraits of people. 

With these jaw-dropping masterpieces, there comes a dark side. Some experts have raised concerns about data privacy and the T's and C's that no one seems to read.

Here's the debate about data, intellectual property, and identity brewing: 

@seansvv Why YOU should be reading the fine print before hopping onto the #aiart #trend on TokTok #infosec #fineprint #termsandconditions #AI ♬ original sound - SEAN

A huge concern as raised by the TikToker above is that the AI app is able to take your face data and “retain all rights in and to your user content.” 

By the same token, using the apps grants the company “perpetual, revocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, fully-paid, transferable, sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works” with your photos. This means that they can use your information for targeted advertising and marketing. 

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Concern is further raised for artists due to the widespread content that has been shared of how a simple drawing can be turned into a work of art in a matter of minutes. Similarly, text can be turned into art.

See this chilling experience below: art to anime ai generator using meitu tutorial :) #ai #generator #meitu #art ♬ The Spins - Mac Miller
@mrbeast Duet and show me what you can make on Photoleap in the app store 😎#photoleapai #aiart #ai ♬ Duet this with your photoleap creations - MrBeast

What's the verdict on this pressing matter? Only time will tell...

Stay tuned for more with Stacey and J Sbu.

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