‘Iron it out’ with this innovative toast hack

‘Iron it out’ with this innovative toast hack

A young woman showed off an innovative yet old-school hack to creating the perfect toasted sandwich.

Ironing toasted sandwich
Ironing toasted sandwich

In a delightful TikTok video, user @morelifewithmo_ showcased her creativity by making a toasted sandwich using an unexpected kitchen tool – an iron. 

The video begins with her ironing a sandwich on a sheet of foil with a dish towel underneath for protection.

With everything in place, @morelifewithmo_ uses the iron to press and heat the sandwich, mimicking the process of a sandwich press or panini maker. 

After a few moments, she removes the foil to reveal a perfectly toasted sandwich.

This innovative approach to making a toasted sandwich is not only creative, but also practical, especially for those without access to a traditional sandwich press. 

Take a look at the clip here:

@morelifewithmo_ if you continue to giveeeeee 😭🫵🏽 #fyp #varsity #uni #uct #morelifewithmo ♬ original sound - Pst. Solomon Solomon

Here’s what some locals had to say:

_lee_mich_ said:
“A win is a win.”

Bienkie wrote:
“I didn’t even think about doing that! Now I’m gonna try it.”

@Someone somewhere commented:
“Sis I’m buying foil ksasa if this doesn’t work I’ll cry.”

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