Divorce rings: Is this the new trend?

Divorce rings: Is this the new trend?

After Stacey Norman saw a post about an American actress’ ‘divorce ring’, we had to find out more!

Emily Ratajkowski's divorce ring
@emrata / Instagram

We’re used to hearing about engagement and wedding rings, but now we’ve come across a unique idea - divorce rings.

This comes after American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski decided to repurpose her former engagement ring.

In 2022, Ratajkowski split from Sebastian Bear-McClard but she found a way to make use of her expensive engagement ring.

The model split the engagement ring into two new ring styles, changing the look and emotional feel around them.

Below is a snap of the original engagement ring:

Speaking to Vogue, Ratajkowski stated that the rings represent her own evolution:

“I don’t think a woman should be stripped of her diamonds just because she’s losing a man,” she said.

The actress revealed that the idea came to her while reading her friend’s essay. The essay spoke about her friend’s grandmother’s snake ring. The ring is described as one made of different stones from her various marriages.

After falling in love with the idea, Ratajkowski approached her jeweller friend to collaborate with turning her engagement ring into a divorce ring.

“The idea of divorce is a separation, so it was always going to be splitting the ring into two separate but complementary rings,” said Alison Chemla, the creative director behind the fine jewellery brand Alison Lou.

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