Imagine your boyfriend breaks up with you because of a toy?!

Imagine your boyfriend breaks up with you because of a toy?!

We all live and learn, but in this instance, it's a tricky one because a toy is involved. Now we all know who the priority is in this relationship...

One of the collections of Nezuko “Demon Slayer” figurines

This one has to be a special case when it comes to relationship deal breakers.

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A Taiwanese man went on Facebook to take out his frustration after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend for throwing away his collection of Nezuko, from the Japanese anime 'Demon Slayer', figurines, which were apparently worth 14,000 Malaysian Ringgit ($3,400). Imagine!

He decided to share his experience in a Facebook group where people can post their rants about their girlfriend anonymously.

#靠北女友787 我要來靠北趁我回老家兩天 而丟掉我珍藏老婆鬼化禰豆子模型的剛分手同居前女友 先不提那其中幾個模型陪伴我已久 妳知道妳丟掉的那一大堆我視作老婆的模型價值多少錢嗎? 整整幾十萬啊!!! 那都是我幾年來辛辛苦苦賺錢買來的 全被妳...

Posted by 靠北女友2.0 on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

In his post, the man explained it all happened when he went away to visit his hometown for two days.

His now ex-girlfriend, who he was living with at the time, decided to throw his collection away because it was taking up space.

Soon after finding out about the horrible news, he quickly called the garbage collection company to ask about his figurine collection.

Unfortunately, the person told him they had already been incinerated.

That clearly sent him up the wall because the man broke up with his girlfriend right there and then.

The boyfriend, while stating his case, mentioned that the figurines were not the only issue he had with his ex-girlfriend. He also claimed he had to miss the premiere of the 'Demon Slayer: Infinity Train' movie because his ex-girlfriend did not like him watching anime.

To make matters even worse, this man mentioned in his post that he was planning to take this further and sue his ex-girlfriend for the damages.

Clearly this man wasn't the only one to have gone through such a traumatic experience, because many social media users sympathised with him. 

One of them even shared a similar experience with her ex-boyfriend:

Would you ever break up with your partner because of your love for materialistic objects?

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