"I'm in love with my colleague but should I make a move?" - KZN listener

"I'm in love with my colleague but should I make a move?" - KZN listener

Should you be mixing business and pleasure?

Office romance colleague make a move or not

Love can be a tricky landscape to navigate.

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While it can sometimes be the easiest thing in the world, the road to happily ever after can also be scattered with obstacles and other difficulties.

What do you do when the timing just isn't right, or the distance between you and your partner is just too great?

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But what if the exact opposite of being too far apart is the issue and in fact, you see this person every day?

Where do you see them every day? At work.

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Office romances have always been seen as taboo and can cause a lot of stress for those in the actual relationship and those around them. Not to mention, having to fill in your HR manager about the intimate details of your love life is pretty unsexy.

However, it is the end of the year and there is, as per usual, an overwhelming sense of "now-or-never" in the air.

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Take Sarah as an example.

Sarah has developed some strong feelings for a fellow colleague and she thinks the perfect opportunity to tell him how she feels, the office end-of-year party.

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Listen to her story below:

Naturally, Sarah isn't sure about what she should do and she has asked for Stacey, J Sbu, and KZN's help and advice on #TheFixer.

Have a listen to the best advice KZN had to offer:

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