Want a job in Artificial Intelligence? You need these 7 attainable skills

Want a job in Artificial Intelligence? You need these 7 attainable skills

The growing industry is alive with opportunities of you're looking for a career -or job - change


If you're in high school and reading this right now, or simply thinking of switching careers and delving into Artificial Intelligence - this is for you. The industry actually exists and is not just something as attainable as it seems to be on television. 

First and foremost, you need in-depth knowledge of data science and statistics, as well as data processing and software engineering. 

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Fortunately, these are subjects that you can find in South African higher education institutions. Getting a degree or certificate in any of those fields builds the foundation of your aspired job in AI. 

1. Computer programming

This is a fundamental skill you need to learn - how to program This means you will be doing subjects in college or university that include computer architecture, optimization algorithms, data structures and trees. 

2. Statistics and probability

Be sure to not ignore the Statistics subject at your desired institution. 

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3. Design and software:

 Some may say this is an irrelevant skill but one needs to be well-versed as the end product will be presented as 'software'.

4. Data modeling: 

Data modeling is used in the industry to handle pattern recognition and dataset classification. Without this skill, you cannot really do much in AI. 

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Non-tech skills to build a career in artificial intelligence include the following: 

5. Collaboration

These specific skills are extremely efficient as one will receive varying data and content from the department to build this one software therefore being skilled at collaboration is effective especially for the final product. 

6. Marketing skills

People sell things all the time, but it's always the things that are marketed well that stand out. This is where one would need marketing skills. No matter how good your idea or project is, it will not sell itself. 

You have got to truly put it out there. 

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7. Systematic and analytical thinking

You generally have to have a curious mindset if you wish to be in this industry. Be some who is naturally a problem-solver.  

Artificial Intelligence has trending jobs and the learning some of these skills will definitely help you to find exciting opportunities and go into the career of your dreams! 



Main Image Courtesy: Pexels 

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