Fires, looting, violence. Now where to from here?

Fires, looting, violence. Now where to from here?

The past 48 hours in our province and now country summed up in one word would be: Chaos. 

SA Shutdown

The usually upbeat and happy go lucky dynamic duo of Stacey and J Sbu were not their usual selves today and can you blame them? 

Anything less than the true representation of what the tone and mood is in South Africa would have been strange. As has been widely reported parts of KZN and Gauteng remain on tenterhooks as rioters continue to loot stores and damage property in the two provinces.

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The East Coast Radio News Watch team has been working tirelessly to keep you KZN abreast of the latest news developments. The East Coast Radio Traffic team which is lead by Jayshree Parusramen have also been working around the clock updating KZN on the  violent protests taking place in the province.

Jayshree, had the opportunity to get an aerial shot of just what was happening in some of the hot spots in KZN, teaming up with Pro Secure. See some of those key visuals below: 

It was important for Stacey and J Sbu to not only continue the line of communication with listeners of the show but also to try and create a sense of calm and caution against the sharing of false information and media as warned by the President last night in his address to the nation. 

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In part the president was quoted as saying: 

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The uncertainity of what is currently going on in our country has caused much anxiety for ordinary South Africans who just want to earn an honest living. Many were left destitute this morning as the protests started to spread across the province. 

The South African National Taxi Council halted their taxi’s early this morning amid the safety fears amid the civil unrest in not only our province but now spread out across the country.

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The team opened up the station's Whatsapp Line to get some perspective into how the nation is feeling under the circumstances. Have a listen to the emotional podcast below: 

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Main image supplied by Jayshree Parusramen.

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