Famous Durban street food gets Mzansi talking

Famous Durban street food gets Mzansi talking

These flavours ignite the streets of KZN...

Famous Durban street food has Mzansi divided
Famous Durban street food has Mzansi divided/ tiktok screenshot

We love to spice things up in the 031 and what better what to do it than with food?

Durban is home to a myriad of flavours due to a hybrid of cooking techniques from more than one region. 

Chris is an authentic traveller who landed in Durban and went straight to this local joint. 

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Mzansi has met this venturer with praise for his mission to travel authentically. Check out the video with all the praise here:

@authentic_traveling Trying Street Food in Durban, South Africa 🇿🇦 #southafricanfood #indianfood #durban #southafrica #travelfood #streetfood ♬ Roses (Imanbek Remix) - SAINt JHN

"I am from Durban and I haven't even been here. Thanks for showing me to celebrate my own town," shares one user. 

Durbanites have expressed their gratitude to this tourist for trying something new, journeying into areas that sightseers typically would not visit, and being "one with the people".

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Here's more of what KZN had to say:

  • "South Africa - our beautiful country"
  • "Hey Chris, come to PMB next"
  • "The next time you come we will show you how to chow a bunny properly"
  • "Thank you for giving us publicity and changing people's perspectives about South Africa"

We could not agree more! We hope that Chris comes to visit soon and hopefully next time will join us in studio...

Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest at East Coast Radio.

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Here is more on Chris' adventures in Mzansi:

@authentic_traveling #ad I am partnering with @Google to eat my way through Durban, South Africa! The Lens feature in the Google app is a fantastic new tool I plan on implementing on my travels going forward. Durban has an incredibly unique culinary scene due to the blending of different cultures and traditions from around the world. I really enjoyed trying everything from samoas to bunny chow and shisa nyama to get the proper "Durban Experience" I used the Google app to help identify all these foods. The technology is very impressive. You can take live photos or previously saved images to accurately identify anything from the plate in front of you to a historic building. The app then links you to search results to learn more about whatever you're trying to identify. This has been a great way for me to find out the ingredients within certain dishes and even its historical significance, too. It is super helpful when I'm creating videos like this. I definitely recommend giving it a try as there are so many use cases. Thank you again Durban for the delicious food and kind people! #Google #Durban #SouthAfrica #BunnyChow #ShisaNyama #Samosas #IndianFood #SouthAfricanFood ♬ original sound - Chris - Authentic Traveling
@authentic_traveling Eating at Mugg and Bean in South Africa #travelfood #muggandbean #tiktoktravel #southafrica ♬ Redbone (feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & 2Pac) - $TURCK
@authentic_traveling Trying #Indianfood in Durban South Africa #tamilnadu #india #indiancuisine #travelfoodie ♬ Calm (Lofi) - Faneo sound

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