Excessive R1.5-million bed from South Africa has us spiralling

Excessive R1.5-million bed from South Africa has us spiralling

A mattress from heaven...

R1.5 Million bed from TikTok video
R1.5 Million bed from TikTok video/ TikTok screenshot

If you've been fortunate enough to travel to Cape Town, you may be aware that it feels like it's a bit pricier there. 

A shocking revelation has hit our news feeds. There is a R1.5-million bed for sale in Hästens, Cape Town. 

All we can say is, that better be a peaceful night's sleep. Those Zzzz's better be worth those G's!

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Check out @richardhaubrich share this expensive bed:

@richardhaubrich THIS IS WHAT A R1.5 MILLION BED 🛌 LOOKS LIKE HÄSTENS CAPE TOWN 📍SEA POINT Want better sleep? Speak to @Hästens Cape Town #hästenscapetown #hästenscpt #seapoint #luxurybed #chasingafrica #TheGetRichShow ♬ original sound - Richard Haubrich

This must be the most expensive bed in the Southern Hemisphere. Here's a look at what the nation had to say:

  • "For that price, I'm expecting the bed to cuddle me and tell me it's all going to be all night every night I sleep"
  • "Imagine how much could be stuffed inside"
  • "Bros bed is worth more than my house"
  • "I better dream of lotto numbers"
  • "I would be scared to sleep on this bed"

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One social media user brought up a very good note, "You could buy 150 beds for R10,000 each!"

While we await further information about this exorbitant buy, let's hope whoever buys this bed gets his bang for his buck. 

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