"I attended a strangers funeral instead of my grandmother's" - KZN Listener

"I attended a strangers funeral instead of my grandmother's" - KZN Listener

Weddings, funerals, and reunions - we all know how eventful these gatherings can be...

KZN's best and worst most embarrassing moments
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Family, love them or hate them, they provide non-stop entertainment.

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It's that time of the year where you will most likely be spending an excessive amount of time with your loved ones.

This can either be the happiest time of your life or for some, it can be quite a difficult time.

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At most family gatherings there seems to be one person who likes to test the waters and in the end, they just end up stirring the pot. Or there might also be that one person (or more than one person) that enjoys one too many alcoholic beverages and this can result in various accidents, or even drama.

Either way - these events are hotspots for embarrassing moments.

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While some of these moments might not be too funny as they are happening or directly after, as the years pass you tend to look back and find the hilarity.

Other moments just remain too embarrassing to talk about...

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But Stacey and J Sbu believe that talking can be therapeutic, so they wanted to give KZN the opportunity to share their story and things got wild!

From drunk uncles to thieves at a funeral and everything in between, these are the best, and worst, embarrassing stories you'll ever hear:

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