Elon Musk claims to be first SNL host with autism

Elon Musk claims to be first SNL host with autism

The billionaire hosted the popular skit comedy show 'Saturday Night Live' over the weekend and it's all anyone has been talking about. From his opening monologue itself, it's clear to see why...

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Elon Musk is no stranger to controversy and making headlines.

He is one of the richest men in the world after all and with great money comes great responsibility.

And people are going to continue following your every move and remain interested in your life if you decide to name your son X Æ A-12!

The moment that the announcement was made that Musk would be hosting the infamous show, people had their doubts. He was joined by musical guest Miley Cyrus and the episode received the third-highest ratings for the season. Elon and Miley are tied with another iconic episode, the one featuring Adele and H.E.R.

Elon's episode was not a complete failure and many people were pleasantly surprised to find that they had actually enjoyed a few moments and the host wasn't doing a terrible job.

What did shock everyone was a startling, and unexpected, revelation Musk had made during his opening monologue at the start of the show.

Usually, the hosts will mock themselves during the monologue, address any current stories or rumours involving themselves, etc.

They might even reveal a tiny secret or two but Elon decided to make a major announcement.

He also joked about making lots of eye contact with the cast as it is known that those who have an autism spectrum disorder have difficulty registering tone of voice in others and responding to facial expressions and body language.

Musk also obviously addressed his one-year-old son's very controversial name saying, "it's pronounced: Cat running across the keyboard."

You can watch his full monologue here:

Although people are applauding Elon for speaking up about his diagnoses, there are quite a few people who are very upset over the fact that he had referred to autism as Asperger's:

People also started pointing out that he might have mentioned his diagnoses during his monologue but he is definitely not the first SNL host who is on the autism spectrum. Most notably actor Dan Akroyd is also autistic and hosted the show in 2003.

But like any other Elon Musk news, this will probably blow over in a few days when he either invents something super cool or says something about Bitcoin.

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