Govt 'doing all it can' to limit spread of bird flu

Govt 'doing all it can' to limit spread of bird flu

Agriculture Minister Thoko Didiza has reassured the country that they're doing everything possible to contain and prevent the spread of bird flu.

Retail Giants Take Proactive Measures: Woolworths and Pick n Pay Implement Egg Rationing. Image: Unsplash/ Jakub Kapusnak

Her department is considering a number of interventions after meeting with retailers and the SA Poultry Association this week. 


"The main challenge is primarily from the egg production side where there are some supply constraints in some regions of the country and the minister is focusing on measures to improve egg supply to consumers," says the department's Reggie Ngcobo. 


The department says over a million chickens have been culled so far on commercial farms to limit the spread of avian influenza. 

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The country's battling an outbreak of the H5 and H7 viruses and has picked also up more than 50 human cases.  


It's also led to a spike in the cost of eggs and poultry products in stores. 


"The minister is embarking on the effecient improvement in issueing import permits for egg product to ensure sufficient supplies for consumers in addition the minister is looking in the possibility of vaccinations and currently reviewing application from various suppliers," says Ngcobo.

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