Durban-born filmmaker's take on suburban life goes international

Durban-born filmmaker's take on suburban life goes international

A humourous take on life in the suburbs of Durban North...

Durban-born Filmmaker Jethro Westraad stands with his camera
Durban-born Filmmaker Jethro Westraad stands with his camera/Instagram Screenshot/@jethro_westraad

Just like the Rugby World Cup, anything that is associated with winning or success, we own as South Africans. 

The same can be said about anything that comes out of KZN that resonates with success and achievement. This time that came in the form of a film. 

One that closely shares the humour behind neighbourhoods in the suburbs of Durban North. 

Durban-born filmmaker Jethro Westraad directed 'Love, Your Neighbour' as a tribute to the upmarket neighbourhoods in South Africa and the people that live there. 

The documentary has been selected "for a World Premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), one of the most renowned documentary festivals globally." (IOL)

That in itself is such a great honour and we are elated to see content such as this being featured on an international forum. 

"The documentary spotlights the invisible barriers of communication between neighbours, despite the close physical proximity." (IOL)

Focusing on the culture of upmarket communities has become a stereotype that many people have found humourous. 

The stereotype: People living behind high walls and somewhat extreme security measures who communicate through neighbourhood watch crime groups on WhatsApp, but who do not communicate with one another personally. 


"'Love, Your Neighbour' artfully captures the filmmaker’s journey as he attempts to reach out to the people next door, not by knocking on their doors, but through their intercoms." (IOL)

We have to say that it is quite a phenomenon to see a Durbanite create a story that touches on relatable yet sensitive content with such emotion. 

It shows that despite what we are going through in our country, we can still find the humour behind the high walls and electric fences. 

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