'Made in Chatsworth': A doccie about the vibrant town of Chatsworth

'Made in Chatsworth': A doccie about the vibrant town of Chatsworth

A great tribute to the people of Chatsworth and our province. 

An old car with road sign to Chatsworth in the background
An old car with road sign to Chatsworth in the background/Facebook/@Anivesh Singh

As South Africans, there is much to our history and heritage that we are still learning. 

For Indian South Africans, the heritage is decorated with stories from our history and comes with a host of people who laid the path for the current generation. 

As a way of celebrating that heritage and those stories, Anivesh Singh, a publisher-turned-filmmaker, decided that it was necessary to create a visual experience as a tribute to the unsung heroes of the thriving township of Chatsworth. 

The 'Made in Chatsworth' documentary tells the story of one of the most unique and vibrant townships in the country. 

“The response to the book (Kiru Naidoo’s 'Made in Chatsworth') both here and abroad was nothing short of amazing with the first edition selling out within months,” said Singh." (IOL)

Singh's positive attitude to make this dream a reality comes with great conviction in prayer, which is a ever present pillar in the Chatsworth community. 

The documentary aims to shine the spotlight on the residents of Chatsworth and their unique stories and humble beginnings. 

"Their lives are a testament to the indomitable spirit that thrives amidst the challenges and triumphs of everyday life." (Facebook)

Anivesh shared on his Facebook page that a screening of 'Made in Chatsworth' will take place at CineCentre Durban, Johannesburg, and Pietermaritzburg on the 9th of December. 

Head to www.cinecentre.co.za to find out more about the screening. 

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