This Janet Jackson song used to crash laptops

Do you remember this Janet Jackson song that used to crash laptops?

People listening to one of Janet Jackson's songs during the Windows XP era had one major problem with the track - it kept crashing their laptops! 

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson/ YouTube (Rhythm Nation music video)

Janet Jackson produced some of the biggest hits of the 80s, including 1989's 'Rhythm Nation'. The track was a top 10 hit in South Africa, Canada, America, and the Netherlands. 

The song not only had the ability to get people on the dancefloor, but it also had the power to crash laptops. 

According to Microsoft software engineer, Raymond Chen, some Windows XP-era laptops were affected by the song.

Nearby laptops also crashed despite not playing the song. 

Chen says the song contained a frequency that matched the natural resonant frequency of the hard drives.

"The manufacturer had to write a special audio filter that detected these frequencies and filtered them out before they came out the speaker and crashed the hard drive," he said. 

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'Rhythm Nation' featured on Janet's fourth studio album, 'Rhythm Nation 1814'. 

The song's music video won 'Best Choreography' at the MTV Video Music Awards. It also won a Grammy for 'Best Long Form Music Video'.

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