DJ Khaled gifted "futuristic" toilets worth millions from Drake

DJ Khaled gifted "futuristic" toilets worth millions from Drake

Looks like there's a party over the potty! 

DJ Khaled get gifted this "futuristic" toilets worth millions from Drake
DJ Khaled get gifted this "futuristic" toilets worth millions from Drake/

Drake flushes millions down the drain in an effort to cushion his friends' tushes with these incredible toilets.

Dj Khaled is beside himself. He is incredibly thankful after receiving the toilet of his dreams.

Watch his stunned reaction below:

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Canadian rapper Drake is famous for gifting those closest to him luxurious and outlandish gifts. 

This year he decided to pull a big number on DJ Khaled when he gave him a highly advanced toilet.

In the video, the record-producer said, "It's the 'most amazing toilet bowl' he's ever seen and that it 'might be the best gift ever.'" Further in the video, Khaled said, "It's perfect for when he wants to meditate and just 'reflect on life.'"

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It has been reported that this particular toilet is a TOTO toilet, "the same one as in the US embassy". 

According to Rap-Up, the TOTO Neorest Dual-Flush Elongated One-Piece Toilet with High-Efficiency Flush features UV light, UV cleaning system, and remote control on top of a heated seat, dual flush, various wash modes, and sensors makes every trip to the comfort room a breeze. The singer also expressed his gratitude for the generous gifts.

Several media reports share that the toilets from the company's AP Washlet collection are worth R40,000 ($2,346)!

One user says: "Some of the best ideas come when you taking a dump."

So maybe this birthday gift will spark some new music and endeavours for Khaled? Stay tuned.

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