Dine and dash! Trio's forgetful fiasco goes viral

Dine and dash! Trio's forgetful fiasco goes viral

Oops! This trio's bill blunder has become an online hit...

Dine and dash bill
Dine and dash bill/ X screenshot and canva

Ever had one of those days where you leave the house without your keys? Well, these three amigos took forgetfulness to a whole new level at a local restaurant. 

It was scene almost out of a movie when three pals finished their meal and promptly vanished into thin air - forgetting one minor detail: paying the bill! 

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We can only imagine the waiter's disbelief and the chef's confusion as they watched their customers pull a disappearing act worthy of Houdini. To everyone’s shock, the restaurant-goers returned several hours later. Take a look at how this incident transpired:

As captured above, one of the trio sheepishly returned two hours later, wallet in hand, to settle the score. This is your sign to not get caught up in all the fun and double-check your bill before pulling a dine and dash. 

Here's what the internet had to say:

  • "Good people still exist"
  • "In the darkest cloud, there are silver linings"
  • "I run two restaurants and trust me, this is the rarest of rare cases"

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No other information regarding this moment has been shared. 

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