Did you get it from your dad? Science explains...

Did you get it from your dad? Science explains...

Learned behaviour or genes? How did you get it from your dad?

Dad, son and DNA
Dad, son and DNA / canva

We always hear, “I got it from my mama”, but what about dad? 

As we gear up to celebrate Fathers' Day, this question resurfaces: Did you get it from your dad? 

Whether it's your sense of humour, giant feet, a knack for fixing things, or even your love for a particular sport, the debate between nature and nurture has long fascinated scientists and parents alike.

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Let’s take a look at what science has to say about it:

VeryWellMind shares,

  • Nature refers largely to our genetics. It includes the genes we are born with and other hereditary factors that can impact how our personality is formed and influence the way that we develop from childhood through adulthood.
  • Nurture encompasses the environmental factors that impact who we are. This includes our early childhood experiences, the way we were raised, our social relationships, and the surrounding culture."

So genetics may give you some strong calves from pa, but it's the ecosystem of love and parenting that ultimately impacts what you "get" from them.

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This is your sign to take a moment to show some love to your dad this Father's Day. 

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